Glitches Glitches

Well shit. Honestly, I don’t even like goodreads that much, because it’s not really user interactive for me. I wish I was able to blog and be more social and that sort of thing, but it’s not set up to be like that. Right now, I kind of use it as a place holder and replacement of Amazon. Since they (Amazon) wiped all my reviews out (which is how I came to be with a blog), I’ve been pretty pissed at them. I hate that I really have to use Amazon to be part of the indie book world. If there was any other way, trust me, I’d be all upon it!

Since this is not an Anti-Amazon post, I’ll move on.

Good reads has a “glitch” today. But, is it really a glitch? I don’t know. All my reviews (maybe?) are still there, but it just makes it harder to get to them. But, since I don’t have any “friends” on there (should I? – Does it make it a better experience if I do?), I don’t think that part really matters anyways!

I like the way that I can get in and see what books I’ve read without much fuss, and I just don’t want them to go the way of Amazon proper. I don’t wanna end up one of those people that has to have a spreadsheet of what books I’ve read. I’m just not that organized.

Are there any other websites out there that are set up to review books and interact with other readers and authors? If so, let me know!


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