Studmuffin Santa (Ponderosa Resort Romantic Comedies Book 1) – Tawna Fenske

Studmuffin Santa

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Is Christmas over? I don’t even care!

This book was so cute! I love me a RomCom and this one didn’t disappoint.

  • A buff hometown hero fresh from the military
  • A strong heroine who has some issues from high school (Don’t we all?)
  • A Reindeer Ranch


Brandon is one of the good guys (and you know by now how much I love me a good guy) and Jade’s high school crush. When weird things start happening on Jade and her sister’s Reindeer ranch, Brandon is hired to not only play a sexy santa, but to do some security. Lucky for us! He’s a Christmas hater and Jade’s whole world revolves around Christmas, so we get to see him work out a whole slew of issues.


*Crush Sidenote* – I had a crush on this guy in high school when I was in the 9th Grade. So, I was 13ish? Has a Junior or a Senior, I don’t remember. I followed him around. Instead of being quiet around my crush? Nope – me, I babbled. he must have had a friend or girlfriend who was in my Algebra class, or had a class close, because he was in the hallway outside of my 5th period everyday. He was popular and played in a band (Maybe? I may 100% be making that part up in my memories) – Uh, Hello High School Talent Shows. Do they still do those?! – and good looking. I can’t remember one conversation I babbled at him though. You know the main thing I remember? He always had a smile on his face and he was so damn nice to me. He never rolled his eyes at me or acted like he had somewhere he’d rather be.  He gave me a styrofoam cup that he had signed one time. Why? I have no idea. Did I ask for it? Sounds like something I would do, but I don’t remember how I ended up with it, but I remember it sitting on my bookshelf in my room, so I know it’s true- ha!  He didn’t have any reason to put up with a freshman following him around and while he never showed any interest in me, he never made me feel bad about myself either – and as a fat 13 year old, everything made me feel bad about myself. I wonder how he is today? I hope he’s good! **Full disclosure, I’mma have to look him up and see if he’s on FB.

Okay! – Therapy Over! Back to the Book!

I love how Jade trieds to resist him, and can’t help herself. The two of them together makes me smile.  I know they were quite literally written for each other, but sometimes that seems forced with RomComs. Not here. Not at all.

It is a RomCom with a dash of mystery trinkled in (which I love) and there is a lot of growth with the characters and how they look at the world. It explores how just because you remember something exactly how it happened, that there wasn’t more to the story. You can never really tell what a person has going on or is going through from the outside. Some people hide it and don’t outwardly show any kind of distress. Others, shout it out to the world.

I really enjoyed this book, and I’ve got the 2nd one in the series high on my TBR!



More to Love – Alison Bliss

More to Love

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This is the 3rd Book in the Perfect Fit Series: Size Matters – Alison Bliss and On the Plus Side – Alison Bliss are the first two.

First of all, I was really surprised by Max in this book. He was nothing like I thought he would be. There were parts that I saw snippets of who I thought he was (like bending Jessa over the damn kitchen table), but for the most part I had no idea where Alison was going with him!

I did enjoy reading the psychology of losing weight and try to keep it off from the male point of view. I know from doing weight watchers, that if you’re not careful you can become super obsessed with all of it. I wonder what happens when you meet your goal weight, for real. That obsession doesn’t just go away, right?

Max lies to Jessa about being the health inspector so she’ll move her food truck and stop stealing business from Pop’s restaurant. As you can imagine, because of this there are some funny and some cringeworthy scenes in the book! We even get to see some of Logan…. sigh… I love me some Logan.. ❤


On a side note – When I was about halfway through the book, Alison posted in an event group I am in on Facebook. She seemed super nice, and hinted that there may be some more Perfect Fit books in the future! Yay!



The Playboy Bachelor: A Bachelors of Arizona Novel – Rachel Van Dyken

The Playboy Bachelor

This is the cover that was at the Library:

The Playboy Bachelor 2



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This is the 2nd book of The Bachelors of Arizona Series. The first one was about brother Brock. This one follows Bentley.

Another Rigged Auction Casualty. The brothers are all going down thanks to their Grandfather and his 89-year-old matchmaking Girlfriend .

Bentley and Margot used to be best friends, but haven’t talked in years and years. Not a gentle growing apart that more often than not happens between best friends, but a ripping, crushing parting. Margot lost her parents, part of her leg, and Bentley all in one swoop. Bentley lost the grounding that Margot gave him.

Honestly, Margot forgave Bentley much faster than I think I would have done had it been me. Maybe. You really can’t predict how you’re heart will react to things. I mean… Look at all the people who give significant others’ chance after chance to break their hearts. Maybe it comes from wanting to see the good in people…..even when it’s clearly not there. Maybe we see the “best case scenerio” even when people haven’t lived up to it….  Ha…. there is some free therapy for you today… hahaha




On the Plus Side – Alison Bliss

On the plus side

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This is Book 2 of the ‘The Perfect Fit’ Series. The First one Size Matters – Alison Bliss was great. This one did not disappoint!

I love  “friends to lovers”, “enemies to lovers”, and “brothers best friend” books. This one had all 3. And was plus size friendly – again without the fetish. Everything about this book made me happy! 🙂

Logan has just moved back into town and him and Valerie (who we met in Size Matters) is his best friends little sister, and sparks fly. Valerie makes a list of Sexy things that she’s not interested in. Logan finds the list and thinks it’s a bucket list, so he sets out trying to check things off for her! All while keeping it a secret from Brett, Valerie’s brother!  It really is hilarious and sexy. And Logan. Damn, Logan! ❤  I was actually really sad when I was done with this book because I really enjoyed it!


Size Matters – Alison Bliss

Size Matters

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I was at the library looking for a book by another author, and this caught my eye. So, I grabbed the three books in the series.

Being plus sized myself, I love the idea around plus size romance novels, but a lot of time the execution is way off. It’s usually a “plus size girl” who is really a Size 10 with big tits. Or, it turns into some weird fetish stuff (and I mean WEIRD). FYI: I have never put food in my vagina.

Back to the book: After a series of misunderstandings, Sam has to pretend to be Leah’s fiance for a weekend getaway with her family. I found the whole weekend and interaction with her family hilarious! At that point he’s trying to offend her family so that Leah will break off the “engagement”, but it’s so funny that there’s not that cringing that normally comes along with setups like that. Alison did a fantastic job of really making it a rom-com and not just embarrassing.

I like the way Sam stands up to Leah’s mom. She is a nitpicker and constantly hurts Leah’s feelings (all lovingly- like that’s an excuse). I loved that he straight up told her to back the fuck off – which is good, because I wanted to slap her too! I have friends who have momma’s like her, and I wanna slap them – Another FYI: You’re not allowed to slap your friends’ parents! ha.. I lucked out in the momma department. I’ve never had to worry about shit like that. But damn, that’ll fuck up your self-esteem!

I like Sam and Leah together. I love their banter. Their chemistry is hot! There’s lots of Sam that remind me of my husband, so I can’t help but love him. ❤

I love that there is a plus-size, rom-com, fake-fiancee book that I can enjoy! My favorite things rolled into a single book!  I’m gonna be looking for more!