Studmuffin Santa (Ponderosa Resort Romantic Comedies Book 1) – Tawna Fenske

Studmuffin Santa

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Is Christmas over? I don’t even care!

This book was so cute! I love me a RomCom and this one didn’t disappoint.

  • A buff hometown hero fresh from the military
  • A strong heroine who has some issues from high school (Don’t we all?)
  • A Reindeer Ranch


Brandon is one of the good guys (and you know by now how much I love me a good guy) and Jade’s high school crush. When weird things start happening on Jade and her sister’s Reindeer ranch, Brandon is hired to not only play a sexy santa, but to do some security. Lucky for us! He’s a Christmas hater and Jade’s whole world revolves around Christmas, so we get to see him work out a whole slew of issues.


*Crush Sidenote* – I had a crush on this guy in high school when I was in the 9th Grade. So, I was 13ish? Has a Junior or a Senior, I don’t remember. I followed him around. Instead of being quiet around my crush? Nope – me, I babbled. he must have had a friend or girlfriend who was in my Algebra class, or had a class close, because he was in the hallway outside of my 5th period everyday. He was popular and played in a band (Maybe? I may 100% be making that part up in my memories) – Uh, Hello High School Talent Shows. Do they still do those?! – and good looking. I can’t remember one conversation I babbled at him though. You know the main thing I remember? He always had a smile on his face and he was so damn nice to me. He never rolled his eyes at me or acted like he had somewhere he’d rather be.  He gave me a styrofoam cup that he had signed one time. Why? I have no idea. Did I ask for it? Sounds like something I would do, but I don’t remember how I ended up with it, but I remember it sitting on my bookshelf in my room, so I know it’s true- ha!  He didn’t have any reason to put up with a freshman following him around and while he never showed any interest in me, he never made me feel bad about myself either – and as a fat 13 year old, everything made me feel bad about myself. I wonder how he is today? I hope he’s good! **Full disclosure, I’mma have to look him up and see if he’s on FB.

Okay! – Therapy Over! Back to the Book!

I love how Jade trieds to resist him, and can’t help herself. The two of them together makes me smile.  I know they were quite literally written for each other, but sometimes that seems forced with RomComs. Not here. Not at all.

It is a RomCom with a dash of mystery trinkled in (which I love) and there is a lot of growth with the characters and how they look at the world. It explores how just because you remember something exactly how it happened, that there wasn’t more to the story. You can never really tell what a person has going on or is going through from the outside. Some people hide it and don’t outwardly show any kind of distress. Others, shout it out to the world.

I really enjoyed this book, and I’ve got the 2nd one in the series high on my TBR!



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