Car -But I don’t want a car- Shopping Part 1: Tesla

My van is, while not on it’s last legs, getting close to retirement.  I drive the van hard. It’s a 35 minute drive to get the kids to school every morning and again when I go pick them up. I drive quite a bit, and with 2 trips this summer: Texas to visit family and Florida with a stop at Disney World, by the time school starts back in August we’re going to be close to needing a new something. Our main issue, honestly, is space. Hubby is 6’10”, and although cars are getting bigger, interior room is getting smaller. On the other side of that, I’m fat, so I need something that is going to fit me well too. Especially since I’ll be the one primarily driving it, but he’s going to have to be able to ride in it without cocking his neck at a 45° angle! Add that to the fact that I love big honking cars like the Toyota Sequoia – my damn dream vehicle- and he loves the idea of getting a fully electric or hybrid car, We are battling it out for MY next car.

He already has a reservation for a Tesla Model 3, but it’ll still be late 2018/early 2019/early 2050 before his name pops up. He is so excited about the idea of this damn car. Since Tesla has a store in Cool Springs (just outside of Nashville for you non-Tennessean folks), we went to check them out.

Tesla Store

His job is the specifications. I just sit and feel. The store has a Model S that we set up an appointment to test drive. The Model 3 is supposed to have 2.5inches (I think, again he’s the specifications man) more headroom than the Model S, but we figured we’d get an idea before his heart was too set on it. Our sons car seat was too wide for the back seats of the Model S. Granted he won’t be in a car seat much longer, but that still worries me. Especially if we end up with a Model 3 as our family daily driver instead of getting me a new van. Well, because he wouldn’t fit, the guy at Tesla gave us the option of me taking it out then hubby taking it or test driving the Model X. Uh, hell yes.

The Model X

Ya’ll.. This car! Oh this car. It is my dream car. As we’re driving and the dude is explaining how all the functions work on the touchscreen monitor,


I am in heaven. My real regret is that it was an overcast day, and I didn’t get to enjoy the sun with the wrap around windows! It is crazy. My kids loved the x-wing doors. Those kind of make me nervous, cause if I showed up at car pick up line with some x-wing doors, would that make me seem like a douche? I’m so willing to be the douche. Ha..


Seriously, I fit great in this car. I had no issues with the seatbelt catching or the steering wheel being too low or close to my belly. And hubby could not only sit in the passenger seat comfortably, because of the skylight x-wing doors, he could even sit in the 2nd row with a kid. I don’t think there is any way that me or him could make it back to the 3rd row, but both of the kids took turns sitting back there and The Boy’s car seat fit in the model x, so the seats are wider than the Model 3.

I knew the car was out of our price range. It starts around $80,000 and that is just too much for us to justify. Then, as I’m driving the car down the interstate, right there on      I-65, dude tells me the one we’re driving is closer to $166,000. WHAT?!?! Get me the fuck outta this thing. It was fantastic, but then I got nervous. And since then, I’ve all sorts of justified in my head why I need an $80,000 car! That is hands down my dream car. Too bad we bought our dream house 3 years ago and can’t afford both. hahaha. That is honestly a true story.

To make me feel better, I got this from Hubby for Valentines Day:

Hot Wheels Tesla

Until I win the lottery, it will just have to do!



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