Snow Time!

So, it doesn’t snow much in Middle Tennessee. When it does, shit shuts down!

My kids went back to school from Christmas Break for 4 days, before schools were closed another week for weather! An extra 10 days of vacation?! Yes, Please!! I find I don’t get much accomplished when the kids are home, but I love it anyways. Going back to school yesterday morning was rough. I hate the alarm clock, and only 4 days of school in 4 1/2 weeks had us on our summer schedule (Sleep late, stay up late, do whatever the hell we want). I’m not a schedule in the summer kind of mom. So, if they wanna be up til 2am and sleep til 1pm, I’m all about it. I’m a night owl, and they have come by it naturally. Sadly, the world just isn’t built around night owls. We have to conform to the day walkers. Bah.



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