Midnight Ramblings

So there was a signing not so long ago, that it seems every indie book person in all of my Facebook groups attended. Everyone but me. Which is fine, it was a long way from me and I didn’t want to even try to make it work. But, I’m seeing all the pictures and reading all the posts, and parts of me are jealous.

  1. Because of the smiles and friendships. None of my friends here read any kind of romance, and I don’t make friends that easy and anxiety seems to get the best of me in situations like signings so I am alone and I tend to babble…..which leads me to…
  2. One of the authors there, every post that was made about them was super nice. How nice they are and over and over how great it was to meet them. When I met them? I could see in their eyes (as they looked around for someone they’d rather talk to) glaze over in boredom. I assumed they were just that kind of person, but according to the posts that have come out of this last signing, it was all me.


I have tickets to 2 more signings this year that I would really like to go to, and I thought I was going to be able to make it, but I don’t know that I can. I hate small talk, and even interacting with people on social media, it is still a day of small talk with a bunch of different people. Gah

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