On the Plus Side – Alison Bliss

On the plus side

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This is Book 2 of the ‘The Perfect Fit’ Series. The First one Size Matters – Alison Bliss was great. This one did not disappoint!

I love  “friends to lovers”, “enemies to lovers”, and “brothers best friend” books. This one had all 3. And was plus size friendly – again without the fetish. Everything about this book made me happy! 🙂

Logan has just moved back into town and him and Valerie (who we met in Size Matters) is his best friends little sister, and sparks fly. Valerie makes a list of Sexy things that she’s not interested in. Logan finds the list and thinks it’s a bucket list, so he sets out trying to check things off for her! All while keeping it a secret from Brett, Valerie’s brother!  It really is hilarious and sexy. And Logan. Damn, Logan! ❤  I was actually really sad when I was done with this book because I really enjoyed it!


Size Matters – Alison Bliss

Size Matters

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I was at the library looking for a book by another author, and this caught my eye. So, I grabbed the three books in the series.

Being plus sized myself, I love the idea around plus size romance novels, but a lot of time the execution is way off. It’s usually a “plus size girl” who is really a Size 10 with big tits. Or, it turns into some weird fetish stuff (and I mean WEIRD). FYI: I have never put food in my vagina.

Back to the book: After a series of misunderstandings, Sam has to pretend to be Leah’s fiance for a weekend getaway with her family. I found the whole weekend and interaction with her family hilarious! At that point he’s trying to offend her family so that Leah will break off the “engagement”, but it’s so funny that there’s not that cringing that normally comes along with setups like that. Alison did a fantastic job of really making it a rom-com and not just embarrassing.

I like the way Sam stands up to Leah’s mom. She is a nitpicker and constantly hurts Leah’s feelings (all lovingly- like that’s an excuse). I loved that he straight up told her to back the fuck off – which is good, because I wanted to slap her too! I have friends who have momma’s like her, and I wanna slap them – Another FYI: You’re not allowed to slap your friends’ parents! ha.. I lucked out in the momma department. I’ve never had to worry about shit like that. But damn, that’ll fuck up your self-esteem!

I like Sam and Leah together. I love their banter. Their chemistry is hot! There’s lots of Sam that remind me of my husband, so I can’t help but love him. ❤

I love that there is a plus-size, rom-com, fake-fiancee book that I can enjoy! My favorite things rolled into a single book!  I’m gonna be looking for more!


Fraternize – Rachel Van Dyken



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This is the first book I’ve read by Rachel Van Dyken. I read it in less than a day. No joke. I read really slowly (only since I’ve gotten older. I used to read incredibly fast – no more!) and I still flew through this book. I could not put it down. Like I was irritated that I needed to cook dinner for the family – Ha!

From the very beginning I liked Sanchez. I even posted on my instagram that I was going to be disappointed because I liked him so much, but I was sure this book was going to be a second-chance romance. Not that I could blame Emerson.  I mean, Miller is nothing to be sad about, but Sanchez is my man. He made me all sorts of sqiggly! Ha

I really liked Emerson. I liked the fact that she was funny and self depreciating sometimes, but she was 100% herself. I loved the fact that Rachel wrote her as a curvy bitch in a skinny world. And made her strong enough to flourish. Some authors try to write that story, but the “curvy girl” always ends up a whiner who is trying to lose weight. I love that this was not that story! And Kinsey! I love her! Sometimes the friends in books really get on my nerves, but Kinsey could be my buddy!

I grabbed #2 (Infraction) when I got this one from the library, and I can’t wait to start it! I am a new fan of Rachel – and sports romances it seems!


For real though, in real life, can you imagine how hard it must be to be with a pro athlete?! Women all over them? I wonder if teammates are really the assholes in real life that they seem to be in books and movies. There always is some douche who is trying to get players to cheat on their wives and/or girlfriends. I wonder how accurate that is. I couldn’t imagine being the dude who is pushing someone to cheat on their spouse/partner. That has got to be some bad karma mojo!


Lying in Wait – Ann Rule

lying in wait

Crime Files Vol. 17

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Damn, I don’t know why I keep reading Ann Rule books! All’s it does is fuck me up and make me not trust anybody and think everyone is out to get me. Why? Because everyone is out to get me!! Aaaack

The Baby Seller- Fuck a bunch of that! The idea that a mothers love for her babies be used against her! No! Being a mom myself, I could only imagine how Geneva and Sally felt once they realized that things were going sideways :/. And poor Tracy! Seeing your momma shot in front of you and your baby brother taken. I can not imagine the damage done. People truly are crazy.

Secrets of the Amorous Pizza Man – Well, Al Baker was just a douchebag. That’s what that boils down to. Talk somebody into being a relationship with you, then kill them? What the fuck is the point of that?! Dumbass mother fucker. That is all I have to say about him!

A Road Trip to Murder- Except for Red Pederson,  everyone that Joey and Holly killed were innocent people and it was stupid senseless killings. I have mixed feelings for Red, because it seems that he sexually abused Joey when he was a kid, so I can’t feel bad about the fact that Joey ended up killing him and giving him what he deserved. For real.

Murderous Epitaph for the Beautiful Runaway – This story is so sad. Perhaps because I feel a sense of wanderlust sometimes. Britt just wanted to get out and explore the world. Doesn’t everyone dream of doing that at 18 (and 30, honestly)? Growing up in one place and wanting to experience life before too many responsibilities drag you under into adulthood. The whole thing is super sad that she had her whole life ahead of her, and some douche took it away because he wanted to get his dick wet.

Tracks of a Serial Rapist –  Speaking of douchebags who just want to get their dick wet. Here is another asshole who thinks that his cock is more important than any fucking things else. Too bad rapists don’t lose their cocks as punishment. I firmly believe that if you rape someone, chemical castration should be your punishment. 100%

Take a Lifer Home to Dinner…with Murder for Dessert –  This was the story of a career criminal that highlights how flawed and fucked up the justice system is. This dude couldn’t even be contained in jail. They kept letting this asshole out. “Take a lifer to dinner”. What the fuck? Sounds like a good program for people who deserve to be in jail and have been convicted and sentenced to life to get out and have some free dinner time. I hope whoever thought that shit up and implemented it in Washington jails got fired. Fuck a bunch of that nonsense.


I always say I’m not going to read anymore Ann Rule books. And then I see one in the library that I haven’t read, and I have to grab it. I’m a glutton for punishment, I guess!!!


Whispered Prayers of a Girl – Alex Grayson

Whispered Prayers

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Alex Grayson was the 2nd Indie author I discovered when I signed up for Kindle Unlimited earlier this year (maybe last year?! I’m horrible with time.) I read Always Wanting first, and enjoyed it and went looking for other books. I then read The Jaded Series. The Jaded Series fucked me up. Like, that was the first Romance genre books that I’d read that had any kind of darkness to them. I started reading romance novels in 2001. My grandma and mom had always read Harlequin, and then I started reading them. Until Alex, I didn’t know that dark romance was out there. She changed my life. I love both my Rom-Com’s and the Dark Side. Have I ever mentioned that I’m a Libra? hahaha. The Jaded books were some of the ones that I lost my reviews of when Amazon took me out. I wish that I had posted reviews on Goodreads as well, but I hadn’t, so they are lost. I’m sure I’ll read them again, and when I do I’ll do a post about them then.

When I saw the banner for Naughty Nashville, I noticed Alex’s name right away, and that’s why I bought a ticket. I was super excited! So, I got to meet her and fan girl. She’s super nice and listened to me babble. Isn’t that nice, when you want to meet someone and it just goes good? 🙂  — This post is not me reviewing Alex. I wish that was socially acceptable to do. If when you met someone you could type their names in an app and see reviews other people have posted of them. Sort of like a Yelp for people. Pelp? hahaha

I got sidetracked.

Whispered Prayers of a Girl. That’s why we are here. It is such a good book!  – While *I* wouldn’t call this “dark”, based upon some of the stuff I’ve come across lately, it’s not a light story.

Gwendolyn has lost her husband and moved her and her two kids to Cat’s Valley hoping a change of place would be a new start for them. She meets Alexander, who has lost his wife and child, and has significant burns to his body from the accident. Gwen and the kids end up staying with him for a few days, and it opens a path for healing for all of them. This is a story about loss and healing. It is also about forgiveness and the things that we blame ourselves for. It’s much easier to forgive someone else than it is to forgive yourself – even if there’s nothing that could have been done differently.

There is a lot of back and forth from Alexander, which makes me want to smack him sometimes, but that’s him not wanting to get hurt and his fear of hurting someone again. There is also a hot dry-humping scene. I’m not sure why it’s called dry-humping. I’mma have to look that up!

Pick up the book! Read it! It’s so good! Then, you can find Alex on facebookAmazon,  and Goodreads. You’re gonna want to read all her books!

Naughty Nashville

So, last weekend I went to my first Author Book Signing event. It was in Nashville at the Millennium Maxwell House – Nashville (where Maxwell House Coffee came from, FYI) . I had only read one author when I bought tickets to the event, but as time led up to the event I read a few more of them.

Since I’m trying to figure out how to start this blog off, I thought Why not review the signing first and then move on to books/authors?! Genius. I am a genius. hahaha

I took the Banner from the Facebook Page : You can check it out here

Naughty Nashville

Like I said, I had never been to an event before, so I didn’t know what to expect beforehand and I was really quite nervous. Everything turned out good, for the most part. My social anxiety got the better of me in some instances, but there is nothing I can do about that but just try to breathe and get through it.

On Friday night there was a mixer at the hotel bar. That turned out to be really good. I met a few fellow readers and got to meet some authors and some of the models as well. For the most part it was good meeting people that I’d heard of/read/ am in their reader groups on fb even though I’ve never actually read anything by them. I mean, the same rules that apply to the world and humans at large apply to small groups of people:

Some people are really nice. Some people turn out to be assholes (Maybe even me!).

Sometimes I rub people the wrong way because of who I am. I tend to be abrasive and speak my mind and very seldom do I consider the consequences of that until later, laying in bed wondering why I word vomit so much. (Unless it comes to my kids and school functions – then I just tend to look like a stuck up bitch because I bite my tongue and don’t really talk at all).

Saturday, after getting back to the hotel and registering, there was brunch with the authors for those of us with VIP tickets. I wish that that had been set up a bit different. I wish that there had been some sort of system in place where it was actually brunch with the authors. As it was, it turned out to be a majority of the authors sat at tables full of authors and readers sat with readers and then late comers kind of filled in where there were chairs. We ended up with 2 (well, 3 but one wasn’t signing) authors at our table. And I quite enjoyed setting and talking to her (and once I read the books of hers that I bought, I’ll do a post on her). After brunch everyone lined up to get into the signing. Next year I may skip the VIP and just get the premium ticket to get in an hour early. It really ended up being $35ish (I’d have to look back at prices to know for sure) to just have some sandwiches and a swag bag -that was $10 to purchase separately.

The actual signing was organized chaos and fantastic! With the exception of I think 3 tables, I went and talked to all of the authors there. Some of them I bought books from (My husband would say too many because I spent way more than my budget was supposed to be), and some of them I just talked to and added more and more books to my TBR! I’m never going to get all the books read that I want to read! Most of the authors were fantastic, some weren’t so fantastic. A couple of them I’m not exactly sure why they were there in the first place, because I heard them speak to other readers in that same tone that they used with me – like they were doing me a favor by talking about their books. I’ve never made a “Do not read these authors List”, but I have one started now. And that makes me  sad, but I refuse to support anyone who acts like they’re bored talking to people at a signing. Luckily it was only a few and I didn’t let them ruin what was overall a very positive experience – especially for my first time!



First blog post in a lifetime

This is your very first post.

Well Yay! I haven’t blogged for real in a long time! I’ve thought about it over and over, but just haven’t done it. I bit the bullet and did it today. I have so much I want to say and nowhere to really put it! The people in my life don’t really read the same things I do. They don’t really want to be involved in the same things I am. Sometimes I feel like I have many split lives.

I am in a review group on Facebook and I’ve reviewed a ton of ARC’s and other books on Amazon, but now everything I’ve done is gone except for about 10 reviews. What good is that? Why did I spend that much time writing what I thought about something only for it to get deleted. I don’t understand Amazon’s ever changing TOS. So, here I am. I’ll just do my own thing no one can delete!

So here is where I will spew my thoughts. Good and Bad.