First blog post in a lifetime

This is your very first post.

Well Yay! I haven’t blogged for real in a long time! I’ve thought about it over and over, but just haven’t done it. I bit the bullet and did it today. I have so much I want to say and nowhere to really put it! The people in my life don’t really read the same things I do. They don’t really want to be involved in the same things I am. Sometimes I feel like I have many split lives.

I am in a review group on Facebook and I’ve reviewed a ton of ARC’s and other books on Amazon, but now everything I’ve done is gone except for about 10 reviews. What good is that? Why did I spend that much time writing what I thought about something only for it to get deleted. I don’t understand Amazon’s ever changing TOS. So, here I am. I’ll just do my own thing no one can delete!

So here is where I will spew my thoughts. Good and Bad.


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