The Virgin and The Beast – Stasia Black



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I’m guessing the book is on Amazon too, but I’m not linking that shit. Go find it if you want it.

That is exactly how I feel about this book. I like fantasy fairytale books. I like BDSM books. Except for “daddy” books, everything I’ve read, I’ve like at least 1 book in that subgenre. But for all that, I’m into consensual books.

Melanie agreed to live with Xavier for a year and have his baby to help out her asshole dad. And right off the bat, an asshole man. Ha!

Xavier was a douche from the word go. Not letting her eat at the table. She had to kneel beside him and eat from his hand. She ended up in a dog pen (pig sty) * because she wasn’t pleasing him. And he was so fucking controlling. Things like he wouldn’t let her change her own tampon. I mean, no. And it wasn’t just you’re normal/safe BDSM Sub situation. She was his unwilling pet, which she did not sign up for, with no safe word, and he wanted to bellow about and scream and hollar about trust.

He treated his horses better than he treated her. There was nothing that was going to make me like Xavier, and nothing that was going to make me not be pissed at Melanie, who should have said “fuck the father” and gotten her happy ass out of there…..

If you’re into that sort of thing, more power to you. You’ll really like this book. This is the first one I’ve read of Stasia, and I’ll try another one.

Parts of the narration got on my nerves, as if I had liked the book, it would have gotten on my nerves that there was no male voice. Xavier is a strong douche, and really requires a male voice to be him.

**It could have been either  a dog pen or a pig sty situation. It has been about 6 weeks since I finished listening to the book, and it was several months of listening because I could only take so much at a time. It was a fenced in area outside.


I wasn’t sure I was even gonna review this. That is why it has been so long since I listened. But, what would be the point of reviewing if I only said the good stuff and none of the bad? I don’t know…. I’m not good at the idea of hurting someone’s feelings. I am not an author, and trying to walk in and tell an author that I don’t like what they’ve written doesn’t set well with me. But, on the other hand, having a bunch of reviews that only tell what I liked doesn’t show that there is stuff out there that I don’t like. That I don’t get. That isn’t for me. Never listen to someone who says they like everything. They are lying.


But, lets take a minute to check out the cover. It is hot!


Worth More Dead and Other True Cases -Ann Rule’s Crime Files: Vol. 10 – Ann Rule

Worth More

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Another Library Book!

I love True Crime books, and Ann Rule is one of my favorites. She has had contact with EVERYBODY! She’s like the heroine in mystery books that you know if she’s around, someone is going to die *Think Murder, She Wrote*.

With the exception of one story, the rest of them are stories about crazy fuckin exes or soon-to-be exes. Holy Shit! If I wasn’t married, I’d stop dating and just be by my damn self. People are crazy!!

*Worth More Dead – A prime example of why you shouldn’t cheat on your spouse. The dude you cheated with could be a fucking sociopath! Of course, his wife fared no better than his girlfriends’ husband. Asshole just be killing everybody.

*”It’s really weird looking at my own grave” – In case you’re curious, don’t be getting in a car with strangers either! And, a promise to my husband. If you just disappear one day with all your stuff here, I’ll be concerned. The boyfriend of Jackie Plante is a douchebag. Him not being a douche wouldn’t have saved her – or maybe it would have, since at least part of the circumstances took place because he was too busy to walk across a party and check on her.

*Old Man’s Darling – It’s not that I don’t feel bad for Justyn Rosen, but damn. Don’t be dating crazy bitches way younger than you while you’re married. And, stay away from bitches who will ship their kids off to live with their dad, just so you’ll pay their bills. Not that I’m victim blaming. But, I’m fucking victim blaming. Sometimes when bad shit happens to you, it’s your fault. He didn’t deserve to get shot by Teresa, but he sure deserved to get his ass kicked by his wife!

*All for Nothing – Larry Sturholm and Debra Sweiger were killed because Bill Pawlyk was obsessed with Debra. Larry just happened to be in the wrong place. The fact that he was a married newscaster who had lied to his wife about where he was going to be at the time, made that tragedy much more public! While no one comes out and says that he was having an affair with Debra, no one can really say he wasn’t either.  He was stabbed so many times that the coroner couldn’t even get a count!  It did talk about a book that Larry had written about the 1923 D’Autremont attempted train robbery.  The story sounded good, so I got on Amazon and found a copy. I’m excited about reading it!

*A Desperate Housewife- Bob Durall sounded like an asshole from the word go. So of course once Carolyn Durall finally was ready to leave him, he killed her. How could someone kill the other parent of the children? And though it looks like the timing of the kill was random, he had been planning to do it for some time! That is truly a pathetic person.


After finishing the book, I told my husband that I promised him that I would just leave him if I wanted out, that I would never kill him. He told me that was the nicest thing I’ve ever said to him. hahahaha

Shocking Cases From Dr. Henry Lee’s Forensic Files – Dr. Henry C. Lee and Jerry Labriola, MD

Shocking Cases

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This is another book I picked up at the library while browsing the ‘True Crime’ section. I had a hard time reading it. I’m more of a Law & Order girl, I guess. Or even True Crime shows on TV that walk you through all of it and explain everything. While I found the cases interesting, I had a hard time following some of the jargon and details. I’m not a lawyer or involved in any kind of police investigations, so parts of it I found myself scanning – and if I’m scanning, I’m not really absorbing or understanding anything. :/

It was especially difficult to make it through Case #5, which gave a lot of background on different regions and how countries came together and then failed to become other countries. How many countries can be called the “Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY)”?! At least 3.  I can not wrap my head around social studies any more now than I could when I was in school. I will never be able to tell you who the Axis powers were. Ever. I hope my kids pick up on that lots more than I ever could!

It was really neat to see how the advancement of scientific techniques help catch people who evaded capture for so long.  When DNA and and Fingerprinting databases weren’t a thing, to now everything gets loaded into a computer!  We watch a lot of  ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ around here, and I imagine it was so hard to solve any crime without a witness or catching it in action. Once upon a time I wanted to be a forensic photographer, no crime-solving skills required!

The Winecoff Fire: The Untold Story of America’s Deadliest Hotel Fire – Sam Heys and Allen B. Goodwin

Winecoff Fire

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I had never heard of the fire of The Winecoff Hotel. I’m from the south, but not Atlanta, so it’s not surprising that I’ve never run across it. I was looking for some True-Crime books at the library, and I saw this, so I grabbed it.

Billed as a “Fireproof Hotel” much like the Titanic was the “Unsinkable Ship”. Seems to me a tempt of fate! 119 people died.

It was really interesting reading the stories of the people who survived, and sad to read about the ones that didn’t. All those kids! 1946 was not equipt with all the safety laws that we have now. There is no way a hotel would operate now without fire exits! And odds are we have the Winecoff and other tragedies to thank for that!  While lots of folks died inside the hotel, many jumped – some to safety some to death.

I can’t imagine. I don’t think I would be able to do it. To climb out of a window and jump and hope for the best?! Gah. I’m sure I would have been paralyzed with fear. — In fact, off topic, but I just 2 days ago watched the Super Bowl episode of ‘This is Us’. Fire’s are definitely on my mind after that! Oh Jack! Why didn’t they have an oxygen mask on him at the hospital?! I know this was 20 years ago and a tv show, but Damn! —

It was also interesting to read about how the owners of the hotel  reacted to the fire and what came after. Just goes to show greed was just as rabid in the 1940’s as now, just no social media to call them out on!


Finding a Forever Home: True Animal Rescue Stories – Mark Feldstein

Animal Rescue

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I was sent a code to listen and review this audiobook. I never would have done so without prompting. It’s just not something that I would have ever thought about listening to. I’m glad I did, but parts of it were hard. Why are people such assholes? I mean, Yes there are some good people out there, and this book highlights that. But there are some real fucking assholes.

I started to try and listen to it when my daughter was in the van, but after the first couple of stories, I realized that it wasn’t a good idea and I didn’t want to expose her to bad shit that could happen.

Now, normally the audiobooks I listen to are romance or just plain smut. So, it was a nice change of pace. Joseph Ledford really sounded like he was emotionally invested in the stories.

Fade to Black – M.C. Webb

Fade to Black

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Well, Son of a Bitch! I met M.C. at Naughty Nashville.  She seemed really nice. I didn’t know that she was gonna fuck me up! And this Book – Which is Book 1, so damn!!! – totally fucked me up.

It was hard to get started. Reading about Piper’s experiences with losing her dad and then with her mother and her boyfriend were rough. I mean rough. I didn’t think I was going to be able to get through that, but I’m glad I kept going.

Poor Piper can’t catch a break. When she finds any happiness at all, it’s completely ripped away from her. As she lost the people around her, my heart broke over and over.

M.C. has written a strong heroine who, even though she could easily become a stereotypical “victim”, is strong and tries to be the best person that she can be instead of wallowing in bitterness and resentment. She could easily become hollow and she doesn’t. She is still the light that everyone looks to!

And of course, there is Ryan. I really like him. He’s a good guy who isn’t always good, but who is? He is always good to Piper, and takes things that he needs to take and isn’t an asshole. I can’t wait to read the other 2 books in the series (maybe, cause damn I finished this book sitting in the lobby of my daughters dance class crying like a baby!) and see how he evolves more.

I love Josh. I love Josh more than I did Matthew. Am I allowed to say that? Hmmm. Maybe not, but I will anyway!

Read it! Cry! Keep going and let me know how much the other 2 are going to fuck me up more!

The Gazillionaire and the Virgin – Lisabet Sarai

gazillion audible


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I listened to the audiobook, and this almost turned into one of my favorite stories.

I really enjoyed the way Lisabet Sarai took the Alpha/Bdsm genre and twisted it; Rachel being the high-powered “gazillionaire” and Theo the socially awkward virgin. But, during sexy times, Theo broke out and Rachel really pushing the “top from the bottom”. I loved it. I loved that she let him unleash that side of himself and even while she was submitting to him, she was still helping him and pushing him to be more. I liked how Lisabet wove computer worlds into the story. It was fun to listen to characters who were a bit nerdy and off the beaten path. Coders united!

**SPOILER** Then came Chapter 22. Oh how I hated Chapter 22. It completely ruined Theo for me. I kept waiting and listening for redemption. But, no matter what he did after that, he was done for me. It was like with a slap in the face, the story turned back into what this trope has always been: A dominant man who is an Alpha always.. He lost that sweet man vibe for me. It broke my heart, because I really really loved him. I wish I could give up to Chapter 22 5 stars, and after 3 stars. **END SPOILER**

I like Lisabet’s writing, and I’m looking forward to checking out her other books! I hate that I couldn’t say that I loved the book 100%. The writing and story were great (even after my cut point), but with the big change, it just drew a line for me. Some people may like the way it played out. Everybody but me may like the way it played out. I’m sure I’m the odd one out, but it is what it is. I hate that it is, but I can’t help it.

I think Erin Marsh did a great job narrating the story. At some parts, I wished that there had been a male voice along with hers, but for the most part, having her do all it was good. I really felt what Rachel and Theo were feeling. This was the first thing I’ve listened to narrated by her, and was not disappointed.

Midnight Ramblings

So there was a signing not so long ago, that it seems every indie book person in all of my Facebook groups attended. Everyone but me. Which is fine, it was a long way from me and I didn’t want to even try to make it work. But, I’m seeing all the pictures and reading all the posts, and parts of me are jealous.

  1. Because of the smiles and friendships. None of my friends here read any kind of romance, and I don’t make friends that easy and anxiety seems to get the best of me in situations like signings so I am alone and I tend to babble…..which leads me to…
  2. One of the authors there, every post that was made about them was super nice. How nice they are and over and over how great it was to meet them. When I met them? I could see in their eyes (as they looked around for someone they’d rather talk to) glaze over in boredom. I assumed they were just that kind of person, but according to the posts that have come out of this last signing, it was all me.


I have tickets to 2 more signings this year that I would really like to go to, and I thought I was going to be able to make it, but I don’t know that I can. I hate small talk, and even interacting with people on social media, it is still a day of small talk with a bunch of different people. Gah

Glitches Glitches

Well shit. Honestly, I don’t even like goodreads that much, because it’s not really user interactive for me. I wish I was able to blog and be more social and that sort of thing, but it’s not set up to be like that. Right now, I kind of use it as a place holder and replacement of Amazon. Since they (Amazon) wiped all my reviews out (which is how I came to be with a blog), I’ve been pretty pissed at them. I hate that I really have to use Amazon to be part of the indie book world. If there was any other way, trust me, I’d be all upon it!

Since this is not an Anti-Amazon post, I’ll move on.

Good reads has a “glitch” today. But, is it really a glitch? I don’t know. All my reviews (maybe?) are still there, but it just makes it harder to get to them. But, since I don’t have any “friends” on there (should I? – Does it make it a better experience if I do?), I don’t think that part really matters anyways!

I like the way that I can get in and see what books I’ve read without much fuss, and I just don’t want them to go the way of Amazon proper. I don’t wanna end up one of those people that has to have a spreadsheet of what books I’ve read. I’m just not that organized.

Are there any other websites out there that are set up to review books and interact with other readers and authors? If so, let me know!


Car -But I don’t want a car- Shopping Part 1: Tesla

My van is, while not on it’s last legs, getting close to retirement.  I drive the van hard. It’s a 35 minute drive to get the kids to school every morning and again when I go pick them up. I drive quite a bit, and with 2 trips this summer: Texas to visit family and Florida with a stop at Disney World, by the time school starts back in August we’re going to be close to needing a new something. Our main issue, honestly, is space. Hubby is 6’10”, and although cars are getting bigger, interior room is getting smaller. On the other side of that, I’m fat, so I need something that is going to fit me well too. Especially since I’ll be the one primarily driving it, but he’s going to have to be able to ride in it without cocking his neck at a 45° angle! Add that to the fact that I love big honking cars like the Toyota Sequoia – my damn dream vehicle- and he loves the idea of getting a fully electric or hybrid car, We are battling it out for MY next car.

He already has a reservation for a Tesla Model 3, but it’ll still be late 2018/early 2019/early 2050 before his name pops up. He is so excited about the idea of this damn car. Since Tesla has a store in Cool Springs (just outside of Nashville for you non-Tennessean folks), we went to check them out.

Tesla Store

His job is the specifications. I just sit and feel. The store has a Model S that we set up an appointment to test drive. The Model 3 is supposed to have 2.5inches (I think, again he’s the specifications man) more headroom than the Model S, but we figured we’d get an idea before his heart was too set on it. Our sons car seat was too wide for the back seats of the Model S. Granted he won’t be in a car seat much longer, but that still worries me. Especially if we end up with a Model 3 as our family daily driver instead of getting me a new van. Well, because he wouldn’t fit, the guy at Tesla gave us the option of me taking it out then hubby taking it or test driving the Model X. Uh, hell yes.

The Model X

Ya’ll.. This car! Oh this car. It is my dream car. As we’re driving and the dude is explaining how all the functions work on the touchscreen monitor,


I am in heaven. My real regret is that it was an overcast day, and I didn’t get to enjoy the sun with the wrap around windows! It is crazy. My kids loved the x-wing doors. Those kind of make me nervous, cause if I showed up at car pick up line with some x-wing doors, would that make me seem like a douche? I’m so willing to be the douche. Ha..


Seriously, I fit great in this car. I had no issues with the seatbelt catching or the steering wheel being too low or close to my belly. And hubby could not only sit in the passenger seat comfortably, because of the skylight x-wing doors, he could even sit in the 2nd row with a kid. I don’t think there is any way that me or him could make it back to the 3rd row, but both of the kids took turns sitting back there and The Boy’s car seat fit in the model x, so the seats are wider than the Model 3.

I knew the car was out of our price range. It starts around $80,000 and that is just too much for us to justify. Then, as I’m driving the car down the interstate, right there on      I-65, dude tells me the one we’re driving is closer to $166,000. WHAT?!?! Get me the fuck outta this thing. It was fantastic, but then I got nervous. And since then, I’ve all sorts of justified in my head why I need an $80,000 car! That is hands down my dream car. Too bad we bought our dream house 3 years ago and can’t afford both. hahaha. That is honestly a true story.

To make me feel better, I got this from Hubby for Valentines Day:

Hot Wheels Tesla

Until I win the lottery, it will just have to do!