Shocking Cases From Dr. Henry Lee’s Forensic Files – Dr. Henry C. Lee and Jerry Labriola, MD

Shocking Cases

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This is another book I picked up at the library while browsing the ‘True Crime’ section. I had a hard time reading it. I’m more of a Law & Order girl, I guess. Or even True Crime shows on TV that walk you through all of it and explain everything. While I found the cases interesting, I had a hard time following some of the jargon and details. I’m not a lawyer or involved in any kind of police investigations, so parts of it I found myself scanning – and if I’m scanning, I’m not really absorbing or understanding anything. :/

It was especially difficult to make it through Case #5, which gave a lot of background on different regions and how countries came together and then failed to become other countries. How many countries can be called the “Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY)”?! At least 3.  I can not wrap my head around social studies any more now than I could when I was in school. I will never be able to tell you who the Axis powers were. Ever. I hope my kids pick up on that lots more than I ever could!

It was really neat to see how the advancement of scientific techniques help catch people who evaded capture for so long.  When DNA and and Fingerprinting databases weren’t a thing, to now everything gets loaded into a computer!  We watch a lot of  ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ around here, and I imagine it was so hard to solve any crime without a witness or catching it in action. Once upon a time I wanted to be a forensic photographer, no crime-solving skills required!

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