Finding a Forever Home: True Animal Rescue Stories – Mark Feldstein

Animal Rescue

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I was sent a code to listen and review this audiobook. I never would have done so without prompting. It’s just not something that I would have ever thought about listening to. I’m glad I did, but parts of it were hard. Why are people such assholes? I mean, Yes there are some good people out there, and this book highlights that. But there are some real fucking assholes.

I started to try and listen to it when my daughter was in the van, but after the first couple of stories, I realized that it wasn’t a good idea and I didn’t want to expose her to bad shit that could happen.

Now, normally the audiobooks I listen to are romance or just plain smut. So, it was a nice change of pace. Joseph Ledford really sounded like he was emotionally invested in the stories.

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