Fade to Black – M.C. Webb

Fade to Black

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Well, Son of a Bitch! I met M.C. at Naughty Nashville.  She seemed really nice. I didn’t know that she was gonna fuck me up! And this Book – Which is Book 1, so damn!!! – totally fucked me up.

It was hard to get started. Reading about Piper’s experiences with losing her dad and then with her mother and her boyfriend were rough. I mean rough. I didn’t think I was going to be able to get through that, but I’m glad I kept going.

Poor Piper can’t catch a break. When she finds any happiness at all, it’s completely ripped away from her. As she lost the people around her, my heart broke over and over.

M.C. has written a strong heroine who, even though she could easily become a stereotypical “victim”, is strong and tries to be the best person that she can be instead of wallowing in bitterness and resentment. She could easily become hollow and she doesn’t. She is still the light that everyone looks to!

And of course, there is Ryan. I really like him. He’s a good guy who isn’t always good, but who is? He is always good to Piper, and takes things that he needs to take and isn’t an asshole. I can’t wait to read the other 2 books in the series (maybe, cause damn I finished this book sitting in the lobby of my daughters dance class crying like a baby!) and see how he evolves more.

I love Josh. I love Josh more than I did Matthew. Am I allowed to say that? Hmmm. Maybe not, but I will anyway!

Read it! Cry! Keep going and let me know how much the other 2 are going to fuck me up more!

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