Nailed – Alexis Adaire



Stolen from Alexis’ Facebook Page

I loved this story! This was the first book that I’ve read by Alexis Adaire, and I’m going to have to check out her other books as well. From what I can tell from her Amazon Page, I’m going to be adding quite a few books to my TBR list!
It is few and far between that we get a sexy romance that isn’t young kids. As an almost 40 year old myself, it is so nice to read someone that I am today, and not have to think back 18 years ago to when I was in college and had no life experience. And though I do like some Virgin Billionaire Romances (cause who didn’t lose their virginity to a billionaire, I mean really? I don’t know one girl in my freshman dorm that didn’t – all to the same billionaire…. no, that got weird for a minute.. hahahaha), I do like reading the romances that I have something in common with the heroine – like my boobs aren’t where they used to be either!
Dawn is a strong woman who just needs a little push back into the dating world after healing (mostly) from her divorce. I mean, really? We all have an ex-husband who are assholes, don’t we?  No? Well, just another thing Dawn and I have in common. Anyways, who better to help her jump back in than the sexy roofer redoing her neighbor’s roof!?  Zane is fantastic and I loved him from page 1. He’s a good guy and is just who Dawn needs! He’s sweet, attentive, and knows how to fuck her good. And lets face it, if you’re going to start all over with someone new at 37, they need to be able to fuck you good!  If I ever found myself single again, I’d be hunting down a Zane of my own! And Dawn could be my new best friend. We’ll just sit by the pool and watch Zane build stuff. She wouldn’t mind me oogling (I don’t think that’s how you spell oogle. ogle? I’m leaving it, cause I like it!), I’m sure!

And the cover?! I mean, really? Hotness!

Here is the link to pick you up some Ebook Zane and here is Paperback Zane!

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