Car – But I don’t want a car – Shopping Part 3: The Electric Revolution and a Subaru

**We have already bought our new vehicle, but I hadn’t posted my notes from some of the car shops.**

So the hubs is obsessed with having an electric car – I don’t know if it came before Tesla became a thing or after Tesla, but it is what it is. So, he’s been looking into all sorts of them.

Chevy Bolt: We were invited to a Birthday party of a friends daughter about an hour away from where we live (To be fair, everything is an hour away from where we live!-ha), so Hubs got on to see what cars were available at the Dealerships around their town. He found a Chevy Bolt at one of them, so he made an appt for a test drive before the party.

On our way to test drive the Bolt, Hubs tells me to “Not be upset if I can’t fit in it, there is some talk that it’s not fat people friendly”. Now, while that would hurt some people’s feelings, my husband knows me pretty well. He knows that I need to prepare for that mentally and can move at my own speed once we get there, and that I won’t discover that in front of a salesman and panic and end up in an anxiety attack.

FYI: Their was plenty of room in the Bolt, and I didn’t feel restrictive at all. My seatbelt buckled and the door shut and there was breathing room. So, if you’re a big gal (or dude, and have heard its not accommodating, I think that’s false. I didn’t test drive it, but the hubs did (and remember he’s 6’10”), and he said it sat good. The biggest reason it won’t work for us, is that our 10 and 7 year olds are going to be too tall to ride in the back seat much longer (Our 10 year old has hit 5’7″, so she’s way taller than me and growing quickly). She fits in the back seat, but if they make it to 6′, it’s gonng get real cramped back there!


IMG_1880See, it’s cute! And he has plenty of headroom!

What I wanted to look at, but hubs refuses to buy me:




Subaru Outback: Another day, we all drove 45 mins the other way and went and looked at Subaru Outback! I really liked them. They sit good. Plenty of room for me and Hubs. They are a little higher off the ground, so I didn’t feel like I was sitting on the pavement. We came really close to buying one, but I couldn’t get over the fact that there was no 3rd row! And I really need *want* a 3rd row!   ((Of course, as of the time  that I write this, Subaru has released the Ascent, which we didn’t even get to look at!))


Honda : The last car shopping expedition we went on was to Honda. The local Honda dealership in town had a Clarity (a plug in hybrid) and Hubs wanted to get a good look at it! So, we went to check it out.  The sales guy who “helped” us told us where the car was parked on the lot. So, hubs and I trekked out to the farthest depths of their parking lot (in 100*, because this was the end of June), and went to look at the car. Which was locked. So the sales dude got out there after a few mins, and didn’t have the key to open the door. I mean.. Really? What the fuck is that all about? How are we going to look at and possibly test drive a car with no key? He went back to get a key, and after about 10 mins I headed inside.  I was hot and pissed off and I wasn’t buying shit from this motherfucker anyway, so I didn’t need to be there. I went and hung out in the show room drooling over the Honda Pilot. And once Hubs came back in from test driving the Clarity, he got in and liked it too. But then, the dreaded test: WHY THE FUCK DO 3RD ROW SEATS HAVE NO WHERE TO PUT YOUR FUCKING FEET?! I’m so irritated over the 3rd row bullshit in cars.


Obviously Hubs and I are total opposites when it comes to vehicles. He wants small and battery/hybrid, and I want a huge gas guzzling throw 10 people in and lets go for an adventure vehicle. That’s really how every aspect of our personalities are.






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